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Fire Extinguishers in various sizesStandard office fire extinguishers are 10 pound ABC products. The “A” is effective against fires involving wood, paper, textiles, and plastics. “B” is effective against flammable liquid fires (oil, gasoline, kerosene, paint, and cooking liquids). “C” is effective against fires in “live” electrical equipment. The ABC fire extinguishers are used in most offices since fires may involve a combination of any of the aforementioned combustibles. The ABC fire extinguisher is the multipurpose dry chemical extinguisher. Inspection of fire extinguishers is required on a monthly basis at the site where they are stored (usually hanging on the wall). Every six (6) years the fire extinguisher is required to be inspected and recertified by breaking it down to its components and checking for damage. Certain parts are replaced and the extinguisher is recharged and is certified for another 6 years. Every twelve (12) years the fire extinguisher must be broken down again and emptied. The bottle is tested for defects and damage. Again, certain parts are replaced, it is refilled, and placed back in service.

VIB is now recertifying fire extinguishers for the 6 year or 12 year inspection. Our technicians have been trained and certified to perform the testing and certification of fire extinguishers. All fire extinguishers are inspected in our shop for damage, parts are replaced as necessary, and the fire extinguishers are recharged if they pass our quality standards. We place our tags on the fire extinguishers, making it easy to see when they were serviced, and we install a monthly check card on every fire extinguishers.

Freight applies for all orders less than 25 fire extinguishers. (Delivery is pre-paid by VIB on 25 or more fire extinguishers via Wilson trucking.) Orders of 25 or more within 125 miles of shipping point in Richmond, VA will be delivered by VIB truck and returns can be picked up simultaneously. sizes and/or types can be serviced via special orders.  

*Vehicle Mounts not included, ask for availability.
*Please specify if a particular brand is needed and we will do everything to try and accommodate.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

Fire Extinguishers Inspection TagsThese are convenient bags of replacement tags for fire extinguisher inspection. Each bag has 10 monthly inspection cards and 10 convenient plastic connector ties for attaching the tag to your fire extinguisher. These inspection cards have the 12 months with required date slot and slot for employee initials.

*Free freight applies for orders more than $30.00