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May 2017 -

Photo of Matt KochI want to thank you for checking out our website and wanting to learn a bit more about VIB. I am proud to represent more than 180 employees across 24 locations in Virginia. 105 members of our Team are our target employee base who are blind, vision impaired, or deafblind. Each of them earns at least minimum wage and all salaried employees receive benefits. Our employees produce goods in 2 locations, manage retail stores in 10 locations, perform service contract in another 11 locations, and finally have operations at the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired's (DBVI) headquarters campus. We are ALWAYS in need of Virginians who are blind to join our ranks and prove the capabilities they bring to the workforce. Please check out our latest jobs available at this link: Pass this link onto a friend or family member who may qualify as we do give preference to people who are blind for our direct labor jobs.

I want to make VIB more accessible and welcome you to find a photo organizational chart for VIB's Leadership Team at this link: VIB Leadership Team. Each of us may be reached through email using this format

Even though we are a state agency, VIB does not receive any direct taxpayer money. We must earn all of our operating expenses to pay for our employees, raw material, and facilities by producing high quality goods and providing excellent services. VIB does benefit from two primary laws. On the federal side, VIB is an associated agency of the AbilityOne Program created by the Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act which focuses on creating a market for goods and services produced by people who are blind or severely disabled. The second law is at the state level and requires state Executive Branch agencies to buy goods and services that we provide from VIB. No 'mandatory source' wants to rely on the law to motivate customers, so VIB is committed to engaging and satisfying the customer with high-quality, savings, and responsiveness. I am proud that VIB delivers on each of these commitments:

  • Quality - VIB production facilities are ISO-certified operations and have earned commendations during each audit cycle based on our continuous improvement, leadership involvement, and cross-training.

  • Savings - VIB will only introduce a new mandatory item if we can save the state money on a comparable item in the open market. Our latest comparison to the open market for our best selling and new products is available at this link: Market Basket which shows that VIB saved state buyers 37% or $630,000 last year alone.

  • Responsiveness - in-stock turnaround time on orders has shrunk from weeks to hours. We are holding Customer Focus Groups, participating in exhibits, and telling our story at the annual DGS Public Procurement Forum. Our growing Customer Service Team, Business Development staff, and Salespeople are all here to answer your questions and your needs.

Take care,

Matt Koch (pronounced Cook)
Deputy Commissioner of Enterprises

For information about VIB's products, services or status on your order please contact:
VIB Customer Service (855) 842-7867 or e-mail: